Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sometimes coffee just ain't enough ...

i hate to say it, but sometimes, my morning cup of coffee just isn't enough to make me fit for human consumption. this morning that definitely is the case!! it was one of those "another day is here but i want to refuse to get out of bed - but hafta because keeping the shortstack home from school is not an option (neither is not going to work) - thank god that panda can deal with shortstack's grumpiness - throw frozen waffles into the toaster oven and hope they warm through before they end up on the plate - why doesn't the coffee maker make coffee fast enough - fine! i'll eat and talk even though i just want to go back to bed - get dressed TWO times for work because what i chose the first time is only fit for staying in bed - FINE! i will get in the car and drive but i won't like it - i absolutely love my family because they know when they are better off blowing me kisses rather than approaching the beast - and finally ... yes! i have made it to work and am at my desk !! now what am i supposed to be accomplishing today??"

and so my coffee cup is getting lighter, my computer's buzzing, morning paperwork is stacked neatly in front of me (camouflaged by my cat-in-the-hat lunch bag so that i can pretend - at least for a few more minutes - that i don't have to behave in a socially acceptable way today). guess it's time to face the world ... and hope that coffee will somehow work its magic and make me a bearable human being today. otherwise, a warning to the wise - beware! i'm grumpy because coffee just ain't enough so far today!!

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