Thursday, February 24, 2011

with liberty and justice FOR ALL!

every night we have a bedtime ritual with shortstack ... a little bit of story time, bedtime prayers and then the pledge of allegiance. now, the pledge is a bit entertaining on several levels for me ... first of all, if you've ever heard a 5 year old say the pledge, you'd have a little smile on your face too. secondly, panda is not from the US ... the fact that she isn't and the fact that i am unabashedly ethnocentric makes the entertained smile on my face even bigger! but last night, when i curled around my little boy and said the pledge, i did so with a HUGE, PROUD smile on my face. why, you may ask? because yesterday, the governor of hawaii signed into law SB 232. this law legalizes civil unions no matter the sex of the partners. HOLLA!! yep! i live in one of the seven states that have recognized that liberty and justice is TRULY a right for ALL ... EVERYONE!

to make the day even more momentous, our president has declared DOMA unconstitutional. my lord! dare i hope to believe that my government is realizing that they need not be concerned that i plan to marry another woman because she is the person that i want standing with me through this life? so, yes, my friends ... yesterday was a banner day ... my state and my country loudly proclaimed that i am also deserving of liberty and justice ... as is my soon-to-be-wife.

so, i can assure you, i will continue to say the pledge of allegiance with a smile on my face ... not only one of entertainment, but also one of pride.

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