Monday, February 6, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

thursday's thoughts ...

oh, how i hate to be disenchanted with my duties.

i really wish that the work day started at 9 and ended at 5

i forgot how tough it is to learn to read. shortstack is a reading rockstar now ... practicing everyday and trying not to get frustrated

sometimes, even i get tired of leftovers. no more spaghetti this week!!

there is a possibility that shortstack gets his lack of focus from his mama ... SQUIRREL!

squirrel is a SUPER strange word ... and we don't have any here in hawaii

i really miss my thesis advisor ... i don't miss my thesis, just my advisor

i'm a fan of NPR. does that make me, like, 50-years-old? seriously ... NPR is my audio stream at work almost everyday ... maybe i shouldn't say that outloud!

it is possible that i really do have a man-bladder. yesterday i had to pee, like, 9 times at work. that's crazy!

i want to want to get back into my scrapbooking ... i just don't have the inspiration

i am  SUPER addicted to blogs ... maybe i really am nosy. well, we'll keep that little tidbit to ourselves

i definitely need more coffee ... maybe it'll help the imitrex battle the encroaching migraine

i wish i could be as fun and silly as shortstack ... thank god for the smiles he gives us!

hmmm ... maybe i should keep this kid in my pocket instead of relying on the healing powers of coffee ...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

blissful bites

it's a busy time of year in our home ... well, actually, i don't know when it's NOT a busy time of year. but right now seems  a bit crammed with things that need to be done. not at home, but at work. which, of course, spills over to home. so we run about getting our things done and then try to find a few moments to breathe in between the craziness.

sometimes, the craziness is tough to get a break from. so a trip outside the office for a couple minutes during lunch becomes mandatory to maintain sanity. thankfully, in downtown honolulu, there are so many escape spots. this is one of my favorites. *exhale* feeling better already!

one of the reasons i'm so darn excited about finishing my degree is that i FINALLY get to pick up ANY  book i want WHENEVER i want ... which usually means that there are at least 4 books happening at the same time! my latest discovery, "My Homemade Life," by Molly Wizenberg, the creator of the blog, Orangette. i'm loving her connections between food and life moments! 

it was an early AM in our house. panda had to get into the office before the sun woke up (gotta love those coaches!) so that meant that i had my wake-up call for an AM walk whether i wanted it or not. in retrospect, it was a good thing, but getting out of our warm bed when it's shivery-cold outside (well, the 60's are FREEZING here in hawai'i!!) is not my idea of a healthy choice. yes, the walking meditation was a good thing ... but i would likely choose my cozy side of the bed any AM of the week!

getting up early and being that our fridge was devoid of milk meant that shortstack got to choose his breakfast. of course, the natural choice was pb&j. after gathering all the makings himself, he proceeded to tell me, "mama, i want pb&j for snack and for lunch too." ummm ... that's 4 pb&j sammies in one day (they're on small rolls for easy consumption ... two for breakfast, one for snack, one for lunch). we might have to start calling him the pbj zombie!

 yes, that is a COSTCO-sized jar of pb ... and trader joe's strawberry jam. can't go wrong with either! especially with this little pbj zombie in the house. he's made it through that pb jar in a little over 6 months. seriously??

but, how the heck can you resist a smile like this?? pb&j it is! makes it easy for mama too! keeping it simple at home makes it a whole lot less crazy during the rest of our days!

here's to hoping that all of you have a stress-free day ... if not, take a note from shortstack and have a pb&j!