Tuesday, February 22, 2011

if i have to wake you up one more time ...

... i CAN'T believe that those words come out of MY mouth. after all, i am the least likely person in my house to be the first one awake, first one functional, first one moving and completing morning tasks ... but this morning, I AM!!! heeheeheehee ... seriously! let me explain a bit for those who don't intimately know me. i am NOT a morning person ... in fact, i personally believe that mornings are a STUPID idea (cue shortstack saying "mama, 'stuipid' is a BAD word!"). yes, you read me correctly ... mornings are stupid. i don't wake up happy or in a good mood - no matter how much sleep i get. but this morning, something's different ... i'm the first one up. as i sit here typing this, i've inhaled my cheerios, had my first shot of caffeine, browsed through my favorite blogs (refer to left-hand tool bar), woke panda up twice, woke shortstack up four times and now i sit with two sleepy (grumpy) heads across the table from me ... AHHHH!!! morning rituals!!

first-morning(s)-of-the-week (usually mondays - but there are the rare tuesday-first-morning(s)-of-the-week such as this week) are tough around this house. besides the fact that we LOVE our weekends. and that some of us are VERY opinionated about mornings, the first-morning-of-the-week means that we jump back into an exhausting schedule that combines, long commutes (well, as long as you can have on o'ahu), work at two institutions, kindergarten (and kindergarten homework!), mama's school (ugh- stats!), thesis writing, daily chores, miscellaneous meetings and appointments (panda is hitting up an AYSO spring meeting tonight and mama has multiple doc appts tomorrow), bath time, laundry time, cooking meal (oh ... so THAT'S what the stove is for), unpacking (STILL) ... well, you get the picture ... the first-morning-of-the-week means that all of that starts and speeds up and we get run over by our days. but, it also means that we're well on our way to the last-day-of-the-week (YAY!!!) which means i get to spend my lazy weekend days hanging with my favorite peeps, cooking made-up recipes and enjoying time forgetting about all the things we need to do. yep!! so, although it's a rough and tumble frist-day-of-the-week morning ... we're one day closer to the thank-the-lord-its-about-time-last-day-of-the-week afternoon!

here's to hoping that all of you have a good one!

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