Friday, February 18, 2011

love is love ...

this past summer, panda and i took a trip to CA. we did a quick wine tasting jaunt to temecula with my beautiful aunty jean. besides enjoying (and purchasing) a tad bit of yummy wines, i did a lot of window shopping as well! (yes, baby ... i said window shopping!!) panda came across this hand-painted frame (a bit out of the willing-to-pay price range) and i fell in love with it. SO, i did the next best thing to purchasing it ... i took a picture of it so that i could recreate it when i came home ... or at least pass on this pearl of wisdom ...

LOVE knows no border,
be it place,
or time.
Love is Love

this is it my friends ... LOVE IS LOVE ... and no one has the right to impose their ideal of validation or approval on it if it is a non-harmful, consenting relationship between two adults. throughout the past two years, as hawaii has been embroiled in a contentious and polarizing debate about civil unions and same-sex relationships, i have heard ridiculous rhetoric that compares same-sex relationships to unequal and harmful relationships between adults and children, people and animals, polygamists (which, although i think is an unhealthy and insane type of relationship, i don't necessarily think it should be illegal ... as long as the partners are consenting adults. yes people, i am a feminist ... and i do think that there is an inherent power play within these types of relationships). i repeatedly hear that legalizing same-sex marriage will ruin the institution and morality of marriage, our children will be harmed, families need a mother and a father ... SERIOUSLY ... well peeps, listen up ...
1) i don't subscribe to your sense of morality
2) if my marriage to my wife messes up your marriage with your husband/wife, then honey ... your relationship was screwed up in the first place
3) the institution of marriage is FAR from perfect ... what is our divorce rate now? still over 50%? if the federal government still refuses to legalize same-sex marriag, then it is time to outlaw divorce
4) my child is doing just fine! in fact, he's doing better now than he ever has. after all ... let's remember that my heterosexual partner with whom i conceived my child left our long-term relationship and i was a single mother for ... oh, the whole time until my relationship with panda. shortstack now sees before him the model of whole, true, honest and healthy relationship that is inclusive of him and encourages him to - above all - be honest about and to himself and live his truth.
5) nope - families don't need a mother and a father ... they need to be constructed with love and honesty and inclusive of all who is welcomed into the family. they need to be a healthy haven from the storms of life and they need to provide stability, structure and protection ... i guarantee that having one person with a vagina and one person with a penis heading that family does not a healthy family make!

YOU don't get to say who, when, why, how I get to love or live ... so shut up!!

OUR love, OUR family, OUR marriage ...
NONE of your business!!!

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