Wednesday, June 1, 2011

maybe i should become a tornado chaser ...?

you know those days when you think, "maybe - just maybe - i was supposed to have a TOTALLY different career ... like, maybe i should be a tornado chaser??!!"

well, that's the thought that i have right now. ugh! it's a wednesday! YAY!! sometimes short weeks are wonderful, and sometimes they simply throw you off and you never quite get into the right rhythm. this week, the short holiday week thing is working well ... but, the weekend still can't come quick enough.

shortstack left for his dad's house last week - 6 weeks in the hot AZ desert - and we've been busy every day since the hand off. well, we first had to catch up on a bit of sleep; panda and i passed out on the couch from pure exhaustion. we had been crazily busy in the week before kaleo's departure as we tried to get in all his visits with his friends, aunties and uncles before leaving, wrapping up with his school year, getting in some super-quality family time and the normal sleeplessness that panda and i face whenever shortstack heads off to the mainland. after waking up with a bit more lucidity, panda and i hit the ground running ... we volunteered our time and selves to special olympics via aunty reech, we celebrated a friend's milestone birthday, visited with an aussie-land pal, started exercising and modifying our diet (MUCH more on this one later!), jumped full-force into our work commitments and duties that have been a bit below our radar these past few weeks, did a surface-only tidy-up of the house, spent some time reading and being with each other. so, to say the least, things have been crazy ... and i'm feeling crazy inside as well. i'm looking forward to a weekend of being at home, cooking up some crazy concoctions and just being. but, doubtful that it'll be that simple.

oh! the exercise thing. so ... i need to get my big butt into shape ... no, i lie, i need to get my body to a healthier place. of course, a nice side effect of getting healthier is fitting smaller-sized clothing ... but mainly, i want my body to feel stronger and steadier. i want energy and i want to sleep well at night without muscle relaxants or other Rx's ... so, panda and i have started walking in the AMs. here i thought, "wow! with shortstack gone, i can sleep in on weekday AMs and take the start of my day slowly." well, for those of you who know me, you know that AMs are not the easiest. but, NOPE! we are still waking up at the evil time (5:30 AM) and have been walking around our neighborhood. now, walking ... you would think ... not so bad! we all walk - should be do-able. well, you see ... we have an EVIL hill near our house ... i mean, it is horrendous ... and we've done it twice so far. =) yep! twice. yes ... i know that twice is not much ... but since i didn't think i could do it the first time, being able to say that we've done it twice is pretty impressive!! i can't say that i feel the benefits yet (yes! i know it's only been 3 days!!) but i do know that i slept fairly well last night and getting up to walk this AM was not as horrendous as it was yesterday. i think that's progress!! maybe i'll soon be fit enough to chase a tornado ... or a shortstack ... sometimes, they're one and the same. =)

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