Tuesday, June 7, 2011

for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sleep or awake ...

i love my sleep. i really, REALLY do. i think that sleep is a necessity, a luxury, a treat, a god-given right ... you get the picture. well, my love of sleep has been greatly impacted by several factors over the years ... first of all, i got a "real" job which meant that i had to regularly get up at a "normal" time (which is seriously ABNORMAL!!) and so my internal clock does not know how to obey the internal snooze button anymore; i had a kid which meant that the whole concept of sleep should be thrown off the building from the top of the empire state building (in reality, i don't know how tall the empire state building is, but b/c peeps use it as a common point of reference, i will too); i got older which - apparently - means that i don't enjoy sleep the way i used; and i've fallen in love with a woman who just doesn't sleep as much as she needs to.

last night was one of those nights where sleep was going to be elusive for both of us. unfortunately parent stress, work stress, life stress all got wound up on one horrendous monday and we both knew - even before we crawled into bed - that sleep was not going to come easily or for long. and we were both correct. what made me smile though, was the knowledge that there is someone who will be there to keep me company - and i, her - when sleep ain't going to happen, sheep counting is not going to work and late night/early morning prowling through the house is inevitable. i'm starting to think that we should include an acknowledgement of that dedication in our wedding vows ... after all, dedication to each other in a sleep-deprived state is love at a deeper level.

so, baby, just for you ... i promise to take you for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer ( i really think that that is a horrible word), in sickness and in health, and with sleep or sleep-deprived ... you're stuck with me baby! just a head's up ... i may be a bit grumpy after our sleepless nights ... coffee may do the trick ... if not, well ... remember that you're promising for better or for worse too!!

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