Monday, June 6, 2011

yes! you heard correctly ... no thank-you, i don't want a drink ...

well, i never thought that i'd see the day ... i would rather not have a drink at this point in time than suffer from the digestive rebellion that my body throws my way if i do pick up a glass filled with liquid bliss. but, that day has come! you see, it seems that this wonderful meal modification plan that panda and i are on has tweaked my system a bit. no longer does a refreshing mojito sound appealing when i think about the digestive vengeance that my body reeks (pun not intended but quite appropriate) on me and the extended amount of time that i spend on the think tank awaiting release from my body's temper tantrum.

it has only been a week of our meal modification plan (yes, i truly hate the word "diet"). we are conscientious of what we eat and our exercise during the week and have allowed ourselves food and movement freedom during the weekend (seriously - let's be realistic. i'm not one to change my life in extremes; i enjoy eating, cooking and sleeping far too much to become an overbearing health freak!). i am definitely seeing some improvements, but i simply was not prepared for the unexpected side effect of my body violently disliking the reintroduction of alcoholic beverages into the mix.

on saturday, i indulged in a new-found favorite - raspberry ale (i swear, it tastes like raspberry soda ... lynne, i think we found a winner for you!) and an interesting and complex chocolate stout. you see, we had some time on our hands since shortstack isn't here and indulged ourselves with a browsing trip to one of our favorite stores, Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors. when we have shortstack with us, it's a bit difficult to take our time exploring the aisles of fun and exciting alcohol indulgence, so we spent a nice part of saturday morning walking through previously zipped-through aisles finding some fun new liquid treats to try. and try i did! and payment from that exciting tasty adventure was demanded not that long after indulgence. best i can tell, my body has been taking advantage of the meal modification plan and really taking care of itself ... i'm not sure how great an idea this is if, every time i enjoy myself a tasty beverage, i have to suffer painful and malodorous consequences. oh well ... for now, we're continuing with our meal modification plan and hoping that the big-picture benefits will outweigh the indulgent consequences.

as for the blissful bits of our life that i love to share ... i have some awesomely cute pix that i am wanting to post, but i have to find all the tech hardware that is necessary to - you know - download said pix from the handy-dandy camera onto the ever-present and running laptop. sooner or later i'll get to it ... in the meantime, there's an unbelievably precious pic of shortstack with our favorite kinder teacher, mrs. riddick ... if i figure out how to link it, i'll get it up here for y'all to enjoy ...

update ... ooooh! i think i got the pic where i want it ... let's find out, shall we?

now ... if that picture don't make you smile, nothing will!

enjoy your day!

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