Friday, April 29, 2011

germy, missing-one house this week

it's been one of those weeks when you probably should just stay in bed til it's pau. i've been sick most (ok, all) of the week. shortstack woke up with a fever this AM and panda got on a plane last night and headed east ... so, the house was overwhelmingly lazy, germy and feeling a bit off-kilter because one of our family members isn't in the cocoon with us.

we did have a new addition to our house this week, a HUGE sofa sectional that is probably from the 70's (well, that's what the rust-orange-brown color indicates). this sofa has become ohana central this week ... it's become a bed for me to curl up on to get past the germyness, it's become a jungle gym and playhouse for shortstack, it's been dinner booth, packing bench, temporary office ... i swear, it's the best $200 that we've spent in a LONG time!!! this sectional spans the length of the living room wall and practically eats up 1/2 the room. there will definitely need to be some rearranging of furniture and reconfiguring of room use, but for right now, it has become the comfort zone of our home.

so, we are declaring it a lazy, guilt-free weekend that, fingers crossed, will fly by so that we can have our family back together again. here's to hoping that y'all are enjoying your germ-free, comfort zone, family weekend ...

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