Friday, January 13, 2012

adults-only weekend

shortstack is camping with his dad this weekend ... that means that panda and i have an adults-only honeymoon 3-day weekend that we get to enjoy ... together ... alone ... stay-up-late, wake-up-late, maybe-stay-in-our-pjs kind of weekend. seriously!! and we're not quite sure what to do with ourselves!!

i'm sure that we're not the only parentals that rarely get the only-us-time, so when we do it's a bit of a struggle to not just fall into bed at 7:34 pm and sleep until 7:34 am without having to think about homework, dinner, cleaning up, packing lunches, getting breakfast, finding missing shoes, corralling lunch bags, etc., etc ...

and so we went TOTALLY out of our comfort zone last night and met up with friends (our aussie contingent) for drinks and dinner ... AT 7 PM!!!!! okay ... that may not sound too amazing to y'all , but to us, that is REVOLUTIONARY!!! you see ... shortstack's bedtime is 7:30 ... that means that at 7 pm, baths are being rushed, pjs are being rummaged for, fish are being fed and the ongoing bargaining for bedtime stories is being conducted. 7:30 is the clean-up, lights-out, collapse-on-the-couch for a few minutes time frame. WOOHOO!!! we're adults on-our-own!!!

with 3 days ahead of us of alone-time, we are giddy with possibilities ... we'll likely end up chillin around the house, but just to stretch that comfort zone a bit more, we are planning a date ... an honest-to-goodness, get-dressed-up, make-reservations, sit-at-a-table-with-china-and-linen date!!! i'll fill you in next week. but until then, enjoy your weekend and find some time to grab your honey (if you have one) for a few minutes of us-time. if you're running solo, grab a few minutes to sit with yourself and enjoy some peace!

AND ... just because i can ... here's another little peek at our APLS WEEDING WEEKEND ADVENTURE!!

 our aussie crew rocked their aloha wear ... we know that kylie and sim will be wearing their muumuus weekly when then get back to aussie-land!!

for those that departed early ... there was some panda-provided entertainment. it is possible that there's a little bit of filipino in my woman ... she's a sucker for karaoke ~ especially if there's a dj that will provide her with bohemian rhapsody (and, depending on how much alcohol is consumed, baby got back just might make an appearance as well).

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