Thursday, January 12, 2012

tidbits from our wedding in paradise

you know the horror stories you hear about weddings, bridezillas and resulting chaos ... well, that was nowhere to be found for our AWESOME WEDDING ADVENTURE. i promise to sit down one day soon and share stories and excerpts from the wonderful wedding weekend ... but until then, here are some tidbits. thanks, wendy, for taking the time to document this special weekend for us! if i ever make fun of you being camera-happy again, smack me! =)

 the night before our wedding, we had an impromptu dinner gathering in our turtle bay condo ... chili and drinks for everyone ... and there were LOTS of aussies too!

 our family and friends were the ones who made this weekend happen for us. everyone was SO AMAZING in creating and executing the vision that our wedding-planning-extraordinaire, Cheri Teranishi-Hashimoto, had dreamed us for us. our poor aussie family has yet to make it hawai'i for a simple vacation - everytime they come over, we put them to work. i promise, shane, you'll be able to enjoy your next one ... work free!!
 set-up included a few cocktails ... of course!! 
brother (shane) and sister (panda) ... how cute!!! seriously ... you can TOTALLY tell they're siblings!

 i love that our friends had fun and laughed all the way through the set-up ... at least as far as i could tell ... 
i've finally figured out why i wasn't allowed to help with set-up - apparently i don't direction well but other peeps do! yep, that's my cousin, michi, in the background ... can you tell that she's happy on life ... and had a few cocktails! iris is determined to get things done and sym's just enjoying life!

 we wanted a guestbook that we would keep and be able to continue to add to, so we chose a coffee-table book that we adore. so, anytime you peeps come to visit our home, please continue to add to the 
APLS 'Ohana guestbook

 our AWESOME brother-in-law, D ... who is also the bestest bartender!!

 we had friends and family from around the world join us for this spectacular day!!! 
donnna and tracy ... our volcano peeps ... we LOVE you guys!!
our vows were simple, short and sweet ... there was a lot more laughter than tears!
kaleo stood with us as we shared our vows and he held our rings until we were ready for them.

 then it was time to party!! the soccer gals ROCK!

 tell us what you REALLY think, kido! these guys worked hard to help everything run smoothly

 the food was DELICIOUS! or so we were told ... didn't have too much time to eat =( 
Uncle Masa sure knows how to feed a hungry crowd!

 our officiants were my cousins ... joy and michelle ... they represented the new zealand side of the family

 there's our handsome boy!! anytime mama can steal a kiss, she does!

 our over-the-top wedding surprise ... Ms. Geralyn Kamaha'olani Camarillo ... making photo magic happen. all the while, panda's checking out the party and looking forward to visiting the bar

our angels ... D & Reech ... talk about an amazing pair!

our DJ (shawn), wedding-weekend-documenter (wendy), friends julie and nat ... gotta love life!

more to come ... again, thank you wendy ~ and everyone ~ for the pictures and the memories!!

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