Tuesday, December 6, 2011

lighting up our home

this is our first christmas as a family in a home of our own. since the day we moved in (well, the day panda moved us in) we have been steamrolling through the year without really taking a breath. we've been busy with work, school, traveling (for work and family), thesis-writing, classes, soccer, surgery, visitors, did i mention work and school??!

we finally have  chance to take a breath in our home, create a space to celebrate the holidays, slow the pace down and just enjoy each other and the stillness.

i am a stickler for my holiday rule: NO CHRISTMAS UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING! seriously! we will NOT start to celebrate christmas before halloween!! so, the day after our t's-giving feast, i was ready to start decorating ... but we got sidetracked with the daily life duties. this past saturday, we were finally able to pick our tree, buy some lights and start the festivities. as always, the best laid plans are just that ... plans.

panda wasn't a huge christmas celebrator before shortstack and i invaded her life. i've always been a christmas season fan, but i've over the past five years, my enthusiasm was a bit dampened with craziness of life. also, in the chaos of two moves in the last two years means that my box of christmas fun is MIA. oh well! so, we are (somewhat) starting from scratch, putting emphasis on homemade and special to the family.

the tree is up (thank you, panda, for your ingenuity and patience)! i'm still not sure why someone can't create an easy-to-use tree stand that works for us year after year. garland (thank you, aunty jeannie!) and stockings are hung and decorations are being planned and made. woohoo! the holidays are here!!

now, if only i can get through the next 3 days with my sanity in tact, i will then be able to completely soak up the time with family and friends and read all the fun books that i want!!

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