Friday, December 2, 2011

cranky pants ... i'm talking mama, not the baby

so, i read this article this morning and it totally reminded me of those days that everyone is grumpy, tired and simply not clicking. those days that mama is so NOT ok and can't quite keep myself from throwing tantrums of my own.

we have a rule in our house ... if you want to throw a tantrum, be upset or unpleasant, you have the right to do so ... just go into your own room so that others don't have to be the target of the tantrum. i am firm believer that we all have the right to move through our emotions. it's unreasonable to tell our kids that they can't have tantrums or be grumps when we adults have tantrums and are supremely grumpy whenever we feel like it. i want shortstack to know that it is okay to feel whatever he is feeling. but he has to own it, control how it manifests and understand that others are not responsible for filtering or absorbing those feelings.

sometimes, mama needs that reminder too. and on days when the 'ohana is simply not clicking, well, we need to all take a breath and just remember that we love each other SO much that we feel SO safe in sharing everything we feel. so, maybe we should just take a timeout and tell each other "i love you" and there's an off-chance that we might all start clicking together again.

it's a friday, peeps! make it a good one ... and have a safe and beautiful weekend.

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