Thursday, December 1, 2011

hi. my name is lisa. and i'm lazy ...

... it's true. i am LAZY. at this point in time i am not at all interested in pushing the last little bit to make it to the end of my master's degree, make it through my week at work, clean the house, complete any of the billions of projects that i have started, finish wedding planning or even read a book for fun. at this point in time, the only thing that i am interested in is being lazy. in going home at the end of the day, drinking a glass of wine and curling up to go to sleep. call it rebellion, burn-out, boredom --- whatever you want. i call it laziness. and i'm okay with it. well, i'm okay with wanting to be lazy. i can't be lazy. i need to graduate, see my students, decorate for the holidays, tidy-up the house ... but i'm just saying, it's okay to be lazy. i'm giving myself that permission.

... and when i make it to the end of december, i'm going to crash out and sleep like a baby ... *sigh*

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