Tuesday, March 29, 2011

looking for my rock ...

... to hide under. i'm starting to feel a bit sleep deprived and underwhelmed. sleep deprived is pretty self explanatory. it's something that i haven't been doing very well lately ... travel, tsunamis, irregular schedules, camping and just restless nights have added up to a sleepy mama. doesn't help that panda is a bit of an insomniac as well. dragging ourselves out of bed after a night of little, restless sleep does not happy campers make.

... as for underwhelmed ... well, i am totally underwhelmed with myself lately. not putting enough time or soul into my writing, dropping little responsibilities, lacking excitement about parts of my career ... so i am in need of a kick in the okole and time to get my a$$ back in gear. well, get my heart back into what i'm doing.

i dropped in on some of my favorite blogs this AM, needing some simple words and images of inspiration, creativity and common sense ... my favorite this AM? SouleMama. hopefully her enthusiasm and excitement of creativity will carry me through the day. and if not, i just may find myself a rock and crawl under it for a while to gather myself together and make things happen ...

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