Friday, March 25, 2011

getting back to nature!!

woohoo!! we're going camping! semi-roughing it ... well, not really at all roughing it ... but getting away, having some fun at ho'omaluhia. good food, hanging out together, cool weather (hoping not to get rained out), some bbq burgers and dogs, hopefully some friends will come and visit ... it's all good!

it's been awhile since i've made the time to sit and share ... heck! it's been awhile since i've made the time to sit and count my blessings. definitely going to take some time to do that this weekend.

i hope that you will be able to do the same ... we have so many blessings to recognize and count ... and one of the biggest being that our little man is with us, growing, developing into an amazing young man ... another being that we've found someone who loves us, chooses to walk with us through this life and is our best friend ...

so, off we go ... panda's packing up the car, shortstack is - well - messing around, and here i am shooting off a little message to y'all saying i hope that you'll take some time to enjoy our world and count your blessings!!

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