Thursday, February 2, 2012

thursday's thoughts ...

oh, how i hate to be disenchanted with my duties.

i really wish that the work day started at 9 and ended at 5

i forgot how tough it is to learn to read. shortstack is a reading rockstar now ... practicing everyday and trying not to get frustrated

sometimes, even i get tired of leftovers. no more spaghetti this week!!

there is a possibility that shortstack gets his lack of focus from his mama ... SQUIRREL!

squirrel is a SUPER strange word ... and we don't have any here in hawaii

i really miss my thesis advisor ... i don't miss my thesis, just my advisor

i'm a fan of NPR. does that make me, like, 50-years-old? seriously ... NPR is my audio stream at work almost everyday ... maybe i shouldn't say that outloud!

it is possible that i really do have a man-bladder. yesterday i had to pee, like, 9 times at work. that's crazy!

i want to want to get back into my scrapbooking ... i just don't have the inspiration

i am  SUPER addicted to blogs ... maybe i really am nosy. well, we'll keep that little tidbit to ourselves

i definitely need more coffee ... maybe it'll help the imitrex battle the encroaching migraine

i wish i could be as fun and silly as shortstack ... thank god for the smiles he gives us!

hmmm ... maybe i should keep this kid in my pocket instead of relying on the healing powers of coffee ...

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