Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving - part 1

YAY!! the holidays are here ... i've been SO looking forward to this weekend.
it's been such a crazy busy year, i have been so anxious to have a few days with my family, lounging in our pjs, puttering in our kitchen, just hanging out together and enjoying our little life blessings. 

i love cooking a thanksgiving feast ... even if it is only for 3 people ...
well, this year, i'm cooking a feast for 3 3/4 people. and so the preparations have begun!

so many menu ideas ... only tomorrow will tell what the final menu will be

i am a list maker ... that doesn't mean that i'm a list follower, but i do make lists. 
then i keep my fingers crossed, follow my whims and hope that everything turns out for the best

we also have holiday projects to work on ... cards, ornaments, scrapbook pages,
sewing patterns, picture organization, thesis completion ... oh my! the list is quite extensive

it'll be a busy home day ... but we're going to be busy burrowing in to our home and being
thankful for all that we have and who we love.

happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

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